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Translated Word

Testimonies of changed lives because of the translated Word are sources of encouragement.

An example of this is a certain fierce warring group located in northern Philippines in perennial tribal warfare wherein resolution of the warfare proved difficult because of exorbitant demands for payment. Some families have moved away because their lives have constantly been in danger.  For fear of revenge killing so much money has been invested in armaments, thus affecting their subsistent economy.

But these warlike people searched for answers in the translated Bible. Many changed & transformed lives are now evident. As a result of Bible translation, two Bible believing churches were established. And an organized inter-church fellowship became the venue for uniting the Christians to pray and to promote peace by preaching and practicing the message of forgiveness and reconciliation. There is hope now that God will use this as a means to unite enemy clans as they hear and respond to the gospel.

  • Translated New Testaments – (with SIL partners: Tina Sambal, Ga’dang, Bolinao, Lubuagan Kalinga, Eastern & Western Kaibigan) Kinaray-a, and Northern Subanon
  • Upcoming Translations –Translated New Testament in Majukayong, Boi’nun, and Rinconada


  1. First Draft, by Mother Tongue Translators (MTT) or Other Tongue Translators (OTT)
  2. Naturalness Check with natives in the speech community
  3. Comprehension Check among the native speakers
  4. Second draft
  5. Partner check among the translators themselves
  6. Third draft
  7. Back Translation into simple English (for consultant)
  8. RSV or Greek check (usually with Interlinear)
  9. Key Terms List
  10. Review Committee then Final Draft
  11. Consultant check, if approved then
  12. Publication
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